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WFM brings together a diverse body of organizations and individuals united behind the principles of international democracy, federalism, global governance and human rights.

WFM is primarily an international movement of member organizations, these groups are supported by tens of thousands of individual members in all regions of the world. WFM networks involve organizations comprised of millions of individual members from almost every nation in the world. We welcome your association to join with us, or you can start a new group and join. As an individual you can financially support our movement.

The advantages of membership include:
• A link to an active global network of organizations, scholars and activists
• Information about efforts toward global democracy, human rights, sustainable development, peace and conflict resolution around the world
• Our semiannual newsletter, action updates, and other informational mailings
• The opportunity to work with other key leaders and organizations within WFM on joint projects
• Invitations to WFM events including the quadrennial Congress and annual Council meeting
• An individual page for your organization on WFM's website

Member Organizations (MOs) have a primary focus of supporting world federalism and spreading its ideas. MOs work closely with WFM on projects and programs. Associated  Organizations (AOs) are those with a primary mandate different from WFM's but that are in general sympathy with the idea of World Federalism and wish to work in close cooperation with the movement. Most groups become an AO for a period before becoming an MO.

Applications will be reviewed by the Credentials, Nominations and Statutes Committee, which may take further steps, such as requesting further documentation, or the like. Membership can only be granted after a decision by WFM Council, which convenes once a year.

Associated Organizations must subscribe to the aims, Statutes and By-Laws of WFM.

<b>WFM Statutes in Relation to Associated Organizations</b>
1.b. Associated Organizations
1.b.1. Associated Organizations shall be those established with a primary purpose other than those of WFM as
      outlined under the above Preamble, but which are in general sympathy with the idea of world
1.b.2. The establishment of Associated Organizations shall be carried out in close cooperation with the Council
      and Executive Committee which shall receive a copy of their statutes. Applicants for AO-membership
     shall endorse the WFM Statement of Purpose. The annual fee shall be established in the By-Laws.
By-Laws in Relation to Associated Organizations
1.A.2. Associated Organizations (AOs) shall pay the equivalent of US$75.00 (US Dollars) annually.


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