Dr. Tawanda Hondora to lead WFM - IGP

New York – Dr. Tawanda Hondora, an international lawyer with extensive experience in the philanthropic, human rights and private legal practice sectors will serve as the next Executive Director of World Federalist Movement – Institute for Global Policy (WFM-IGP) effective 11 March 2019, WFM-IGP’s Board Chairman, Fergus Watt, announced today.

Dr. Hondora has extensive experience of influencing change particularly in fragile and conflicted-afflicted states through the use of strategic litigation, research and advocacy, and grant-making. He was previously employed as a Director – Investments at Humanity United and Deputy Director in Amnesty International’s Africa, Law and Policy, and International Advocacy departments. Prior to Amnesty International, he worked in private legal practice in the UK and Zimbabwe, including as a partner at the law firm Kantor and Immerman.

“I am honoured to lead WFM-IGP and to champion the use of progressive multilateral frameworks to address many of the transnational challenges we face in the world today, such as poverty, violent conflict, mass migration and climate change,” said Hondora.

“WFM-IGP’s mission - promoting the rule of law and more democratically accountable global governance - is much needed in a world where multilateralism is in crisis and international treaties and norms are too often ignored. I look forward to working with the organization’s talented and dedicated Board, staff, and to fruitful and enhanced collaboration with our partners.”



The World Federalist Movement-Institute for Global Policy (www.wfm-igp.org) is a 71-year-old peace movement working to promote democratic global governance, international justice, human rights, conflict prevention and sustainable development. Through education, research and advocacy, WFM-IGP works for major strengthening and reform of the UN system and the regional and international legal order. WFM-IGP hosts and supports important NGO networks and projects including the Coalition for the International Criminal Court, the International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect, and the NGO Working Group on the Security Council.

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