Workable World Trust

The Workable World Trust was legally established on December 23, 2014 by Dr. Joseph E. Schwartzberg. The main thrust of the Trust will be to disseminate and promote support for the scores of proposals in Dr. Schwartzberg’s book, Transforming the United Nations: Designs for a Workable World (hereafter referred to as TUNS) published in 2013 by the United Nations University Press. More generally, the Trust will work to promote a progressively better world through improved decision-making and program execution within the United Nations and in other global governance agencies.

Specific near-term activities of the Trust will include:

  • Expending efforts to increase sales of TUNS in Anglophone countries, largely in the form of an e-edition (soon available).
  • Subsidizing the translation of TUNS into major world languages, specifically into Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Arabic.
  • Creating and disseminating appropriate electronic teaching media keyed to the ideas put forward in TUNS.
  • Planning and subsidizing conferences related to the ideas put forward in TUNS.
  • Creating liaisons in regard to TUNS with staff of the UN Secretariat, national missions to the UN, national ministries of external affairs, appropriate NGOs and INGOs, think tanks, influential media and academics, and other potentially influential persons and agencies.
  • Providing partial financial support for carefully vetted specific initiatives to agencies with goals similar to those of the Trust.



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