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The Japanese Parliamentary Committee for World Federation (JPCWF, formerly known as JPGWG or Japanese Parliamentary Group for World Government) began as an informal group of Japanese parliamentarians who supported the Bill for the Construction of a World Federal Government. The Bill was introduced in 1945 and inspired many members of the Japanese Parliament to advocate for a more federal structure in their government. The Bill was successfully passed in 1969, after a struggle of more than 20 years. Further in August 2005, with the strong leadership of the JPCWF another Bill was passed unanimously calling for the support and establishment of a world federation.

Today the organization consists of over 200 Japanese nonpartisan parliamentarians. Although the Bill was passed in 2005, the group continues to advocate for its implementation at all levels of the Japanese government. After the Cold War, JPCWF began to look directly at issues of peace and security.

In its 2008 Action Agenda adopted at the 2007 Annual Meeting, JPCWF has decided to advocate for the following, working closely with WFM Member Organization World Federalist Movement of Japan:

International Criminal Court

With the successful completion of its campaign in promoting the accession of the Japanese government to the Rome Statute on 17 July 2007, JPCWF would continue to advocate to (1) urge for further ratification of the Rome Statute in Asia, (2) actively engage in the debates on the Crimes of Aggression, (3) criminalize use or threat of use of nuclear weapons in the Rome Statute at the upcoming Review Conference on the treaty.

R2PCS and United Nations Emergency Peace Service

In its annual meetings and study sessions, JPCWF will organize seminars on the concepts of Human Security, Responsibility to Protect (R2P), and United Nations Emergency Peace Service (UNEPS) to further the understanding on the goal of establishing a global partnership for peace and security.

International Solidarity Levy

Financing Official Development Assistance (ODA) is becoming a big financial burden for Japan which has resulted in the diminishing budget. Concept of an innovative financing mechanism (IFM) for development is increasingly becoming accepted as a borderless solution. JPCWF will assess the implications of this emerging and proven concept through studying existing concepts such as air ticket levy (UNITAID) and currency transaction levy for development (CTDL).

Engaging Global Citizens

The seminar project initiated in 2004 is aimed at enhancing public awareness of world federalism. JPCWF organizes regular meetings and seminars at the parliamentarian building within the National Diet (Upper House) complex.


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