South Asian Federalists

South Asian Federalists (SAF) is dedicated to increasing knowledge of federalism in South Asia. As a regional organization, members understand the diversity of cultures that needs to be preserved and protected. SAF has been very active in promoting small arms reduction and South Asian unity. Its members also work on other forms of conflict prevention and rebuilding.

South Asian Federalists have members in Sri Lanka, India, and Nepal.

Some of SAF’s current programs include:

Peace and Security
SAF has been vocal in bringing awareness of the damaging effects that proliferation and misuse of small arms has on both the local and international levels. The spread of illicit firearms not only endangers personal security, but also undermines good governance and social justice, contributes to violations of human rights and retards development and peace in all parts of the world

South Asian Union
Understanding both the achievements and missteps in the formation of the European Union, SAF sees the EU as a model towards South Asian regional unification. By increasing the level of operation and transparency between neighboring countries, border conflicts can be averted permanently, making obsolete the need for weapons of mass destruction and large standing armies. The expenditures saved in defense and military costs can be funneled into increasing the quality of life for all South Asian citizens. Furthermore, a federalist union would help to democratize human rights, bringing an acknowledgement collective responsibility to solve issues of discrimination by class, gender, and religion.

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