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Sydney, Australia

The World Citizens Association Australia is working towards the establishment of a democratic global parliament as the basis for an effective system of international law, while respecting the right of each nation to manage its own internal affairs within this framework.

The World Citizens Association believes that all human beings, regardless of nationality, have many fundamental interests in common and face some enormous common problems.

Sixty years after World War II, mankind still faces a looming threat from the proliferation of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction.

Billions of the world's poor still face the ever-present dangers of famine, disease and war.

Global warming and other forms of damage to the environment have become an alarming new threat to our children's heritage.

The basic human rights of many thousands of people are horribly violated every day, without hope of redress.

These difficult problems can only be solved if the peoples of the world work together to construct a system of democratic global governance and binding international law.

The present United Nations is not equal to the task. So what can be done?


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