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The World Citizens Association Australia is based in Sydney, and is the successor to the World Federalist Association of Australia. The Association is working towards the establishment of a democratic global parliament as the basis for an effective system of international law, while respecting the right of each nation to manage its own internal affairs within this framework.

Reform of the UN is one of several possible avenues to this goal. We support the Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly, and proposals for a World Community of Democratic Nations.

We are campaigning for regional integration, following the example of the European Union (EU). In our region, the South Pacific Forum could develop into a South Pacific Community or even a South Pacific Union.

We are developing general education courses and high school curricula involving international governance in the 21st century. We have organized a series of Model Global Parliaments in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney.

We are undertaking local aid projects to foster development in our region. We have helped to set up a school for children of flood victims in Bangladesh. We aim to undertake further community development and aid projects in the Pacific region when opportunity offers.

World Citizens Association (Australia)

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