World Federalist Movement of Japan

The World Federalist Movement of Japan (WFMJ), formerly the United World Federalists of Japan, was founded in Tokyo on August 6, 1948 in commemoration of the third anniversary of the atomic bombing in Hiroshima. Dedicated to preventing further atrocities, WFM Japan has published two books on the history of world federalism in Japan.

WFM Japan is headquartered in Tokyo and has members throughout the country. Members collaborate regularly with other non-governmental organizations around the world and publish a newsletter monthly. Currently their programs focus on:

Teaching Youth about World Federalism
WFM Japan sponsors a unique poster and essay competition annually among the elementary and junior high school children. This program aims to teach young children about the World Federalism its history since 1972, over 263,000 schoolchildren have participated in the inception. In 2002, WFM Japan compiled a brochure entitled “The Collected Pieces of Works for Special Prizes” in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the Competition of Posters and Essays by schoolchildren in Japan.

The International Criminal Court
WFMJ is aggressively engaged in lobbying parliamentarians concerned with the ICC. Members have organized seminars and conferences to explain to Japanese Parliamentarians the importance of a fair and effective International Criminal Court.

Tokyo, Japan

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