International Democracy, Global Governance, Federalism at the Global and Regional Level, UN Reform


As a movement of world federalists, WFM-IGP has promoted federalism worldwide and nationally throughout our history. The principle of federalism stipulates that some policy matters fall under the authority of the national or international government while others are placed under the authority of local governments. WFM-IGP works closely with our Member Organizations, Associate Organizations and Individual Members in promoting federalism on a global level, as a system based on the principle of subsidiarity in which policy responsibility is shared between different levels of decision-makers. Our vision is that decisions must be taken at the lowest possible level; however, we recognize that some issues have to be dealt with globally. The current international structure gives too much power to national legislatures and not enough to local and international bodies. WFM-IGP supports the strengthening of international federalism institutions to ensure a collective effort for the common concern of peace, security and development while respecting and retaining the legitimate sovereign status of nation-states. We believe that representative bodies should be democratically elected and work to establish a UN Parliamentary Assembly to complement the appointed diplomats of the General Assembly. We work to ensure that these structures remain democratic and just. In recent decades, there have been more initiatives of regional federalism such as the European and African Union, and WFM-IGP supports the development of these regional federalist structures.


International Democracy

WFM-IGP believes that a growing number of global challenges transcend national boundaries and cannot be solved by any government acting alone. Transnational governance structures – with their increasing responsibilities and powers – need better mechanisms for transparency and more accountable leadership.

In response to these challenges, WFM-IGP strives to:

• Increase the transparency and accountability of decision-making in the UN and other international institutions;

• Advocate for more democratic and inclusive systems of governance in transnational mechanisms; and

• Mobilize civil society actors to participate in intergovernmental and transnational institutions. Through these efforts we hope to help the UN and other international institutions become more effective and deliver better results for people worldwide.

Capitalizing on WFM-IGP’s historic role as a convener of innovative civil society initiatives, WFM-IGP’s International Democratic Governance program currently focuses on UN reform proposals emerging from the 2005 World Summit: including Security Council reform, monitoring work of the Human Rights Council and Peacebuilding Commission and the newly established High level forum on sustainable development, advocates for a meaningful NGO relationship with UNWomen and ensures UNWomen delivers on the ground. IDG also monitors UN elections and appointments.


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