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The World Federalist Movement–Institute for Global Policy (WFM-IGP) works to advance the global promise of peace and is committed to building a safer and more just world. WFM-IGP includes a comprehensive set of programs that work to protect civilians from the threat of genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity; facilitate transparency in governance; increase access to justice; and promote the application of the rule of law. We work in partnership with the United Nations, governments, and other international and regional institutions around the globe—as well as with thousands of committed individuals and world leaders—to advance a mission of peace, prosperity, and security for all.


Founded shortly after the creation of the United Nations in the Swiss city of Montreux as an international peace movement, WFM is an international non-governmental organization with UN consultative status. A committed network of 28 member organizations and individual members in more than 80 countries is coordinated by WFM’s International Secretariat, co-located in The Hague and New York.


WFM has a long history of leadership and innovation in promoting international democracy, justice and the rule of law. Our primary focus is on strengthening the structures and capacities of international organizations to work effectively in these areas, while promoting the development of norms, policies and practices that allow meaningful global action on specific issues. To achieve our goals, WFM works with and helps to develop international civil society networks, and partners with like-minded governments and international organizations. Located near the United Nations headquarters in New York, WFM often serves as a hub of information and collective action on UN-related issues.

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