Logging In

Before you can add or edit content, you usually need to log in. If you haven't already done so, register as a user, see above (or, if applicable, request that your site administrator register you). Then hit the main page of the site you're wishing to use and look for a ‘User login’ form. If you don’t see a form on the main page, log onto:


Enter your user name and password and hit ‘Log  in’. 

When you login, a new page loads and may include a new block with your user name at the top. This is the menu you use to start entering and editing content.
There's a block which allows you to create/edit content from your user account page. You may need to click on the ‘Login’ link to get there.

If you forget your password:

On the login page there is a tab called ‘Request a new password’. You must enter your user name or your email address, and the system will send you a new password by email. If you enter your user name, it will send your password to the email address that the system has on file for you.


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