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World Citizens Association of Australia (WCAA)

The World Citizens Association of Australia proposes that a democratic global parliament be created, where global problems can be discussed and settled, laws to protect us all can be established, and people from around the world are able to have a say concerning those great global issues that affect us all. We are associated with a Transnational Working Group, the Coalition for a World Security Community of democratic nations, which is working along the pathway of Uniting the Democracies towards world federation. We are also associated with the Institute for Global Peace and Sustainable Government, which promotes education on global issues, and supports a Model Global Parliament event each year. Finally, we support a Bangladesh Aid Project, to demonstrate our solidarity with the developing world.

Young European Federalists (JEF Europe)

Young European Federalists (JEF-Europe) is a transpartisan youth NGO advocating for the creation of a democratic European federation. Founded in 1972, JEF-Europe is an umbrella organisation with national sections, candidate sections and interest groups in more than 30 countries. The JEF network has more than 10,000 volunteers, and is present in more than 250 cities and towns in Europe. The ideals and aims of JEF-Europe originate from the Manifesto of Ventotene. The organisation’s Political Platform and policy resolutions are democratically voted on by JEF’s statutory bodies.

Young World Federalists (YWF)

We believe that the current system of competitive sovereign countries fails to tackle the global challenges that impact us all. We advocate a new form of global governance, one in which people cooperate to secure their common interest through a democratic world federation.

​Founded in 2019, we are part of a movement that goes back nearly a century, and an idea that goes back millennia. We embody the historically broad support for world federalism by welcoming people from across the political spectrum to our movement. While we vigorously debate issues amongst ourselves, we remain united in pursuit of our vision for a better world.