Legal Alternatives to War (LAW not War)

Invitation to an online meeting of participating organizations and interested organizations for Legal Alternatives to War (LAW not War).

Date: 20th of February, 2024

Session 1: Timed for Asia/Pacific – Register here
7am Paris / 11am Karachi / 11:30am Delhi
12noon Astana / 1pm Bangkok
3pm Tokyo / 5pm Sydney
7pm Wellington / 8pm Honolulu

Session 2: America/Africa/Europe – Register here
7am Pacific Time / 10am Eastern Time
12 noon Santiago / 3pm London
4pm Paris / 6pm Nairobi and Istanbul

An online meeting of LAW not War participating organizations to discuss:
– Current cases in the International Court of Justice;
– Civil society engagement in ICJ cases Advocacy to build acceptance of ICJ jurisdiction;
– Better use of the ICJ Advisory Opinion process;
– Strengthening and improving the ICJ LAW not War events in 2024;
– Crowdfunding and general promotion of LAW not War.