The proposal | UN Emergency Peace Service (UNEPS)

By Peter Langille

This proposal calls for the establishment of a United Nations Emergency Peace Service (UNEPS) to ensure rapid and reliable UN responses to prevent armed conflict, protect people, provide prompt care and help and, encourage military-builddown and wider disarmament. This would be a standing (permanent) UN ‘first-responder’ available for immediate deployment to crises as authorized by the UN Security Council. A UNEPS is to complement existing arrangements with a multifunctional capacity (for security,humanitarian, health and environmental crises), in a multidimensional composition, (civilian, police and military elements) that is gender-equitable and draws on dedicated individuals recruited world-wide.

A UNEPS is recognized as a viable, cost-effective policy option; as ‘an ounce of prevention worth more than a ton of cure’, and; as a crucial step toward ‘freedom from war’.

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