The Coalitions

WFM/IGP Coalitions

Strengthening and expanding the coalition model by addressing emerging issues demanding global accord

WFM/IGP has an established a successful history building two global coalitions with direct impact results. This model can and should be replicated to address emerging global issues that require a global response.

Through the Coalition for the International Criminal Court and the International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect, WFM/IGP demonstrated that a coalition of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) can help deliver significant, long-term outcomes on issues of global significance.

WFM/IGP has identified three critical factors that set the foundation for an effective Coalition:

  1. Recognition that collective action was stronger than individual action to confront the obstacles facing the creation of a court.
  2. An understanding that the scope was larger than any individual organization, no matter how large or influential.
  3. The resources and capacity required to establish and maintain relationships ongoing with nation-states, who were vital partners, was significant.

Based on the above criteria, WFM/IGP has launched two new coalitions, with two further coalitions in development, focusing on Asia, Africa and Europe.

The Coalition for 3+3

Launched in July 2021, the Coalition for 3+3 brings together civil society organizations across the world to support the Northeast Asia Nuclear Weapon Free Zone (NEA-NWFZ) with a Three-plus-Three Arrangement (3+3).