The Institute

WFM/IGP Institute

Expand WFM/IGP’s advisory capacity to governments, international organizations, and regional groups through an Institute model

WFM/IGP has extensive experience building, developing, and maturing cooperative models with non-governmental organizations and civil society organizations. In many ways, this expertise is an untapped resource that can be mobilized to strengthen institutions as a means toward global federalism – from governments to international forums and regional groups. Throughout this section, we use the term ‘regional groups’ as a definition for continental and regional economic and cooperative unions, such as the African Union, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), and the Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR) to name a few.

Regional groups worldwide require further foundational building by enhancing internal capacity and encouraging new pathways towards multilateral cooperation. Regional groups by their very nature are a federation; by working to strengthen their capabilities, WFM/IGP would be gradually setting the stage for the larger concept of a global federation or ‘meta regional group’.

The Institute will operate both as a think tank and consultancy to other international organizations, academic institutes, civil society organizations, national governments, regional groups, and other entities in our areas of expertise. In its operation as a think tank, the Institute will provide a space to explore relevant ideas and may conduct a variety of activities, such as conferences, ongoing educational programs, and other special events, as well as research, reports, position papers, and other relevant publications. The Institute shall allow serious engagement in the organization’s short-term or long-term goals as part of its work to ensure the organization remains flexible and innovative.