Strategic Pathways

A new organizational model was presented to and endorsed by our Member Congress in July 2021 which incorporates a Secretariat, Institute, and Influencing model to achieve targeted impact, ensure sustainability, and expand influence.

Based on the geopolitical need for WFM/IGP’s expertise and support, the growth of emerging global threats facing the world in this decade and beyond where coalitions would provide a mechanism for global action, this model seeks to ensure a generational shift occurs to increase the organization’s momentum through the next decades.

The new model is structured under ‘one umbrella’ of operations with a more cohesive whole, featuring four strategic pathways under which WFM/IGP can expand its impact and influence to meet the changing needs of the world today and over the next decades. Flexibility is built into the model for future innovation to allow WFM/IGP to react and plan for changing global dynamics through this decade and beyond.

WFM/IGP Coalitions

The Coalitions

Addressing emerging issues demanding global accord
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WFM/IGP Institute

The Institute

Advisory to international organizations and regional groups
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The Forum

Sustainability platform and influence network
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WFM/IGP Movement

The Movement

Engagement, connection, and outreach to mobilize a new generation
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