Donna Park

Congress Chair (USA)

Donna Park was elected Congress Chair in October 2021.  She has two degrees in Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics.  In 2009 Donna retired after working over 30 years in the global pharmaceutical industry where she had responsibility for Global Clinical Data Management and Global Regulatory Submissions.  It was after retirement that Donna read two books about world federation andcouldn’t believe she had hadn’t heard about the idea before.  She decided to dedicate her retirement to promoting the good news: democratic world federation with enforceable world law offers a solution to the threat of nuclear war, a way to save our fragile planet and better address global pandemics, and a path to protect universal human rights.

Donna Park joined Citizens for Global Solutions (CGS-the largest US member of WFM-IGP)in 2010.  In 2013 Donna was elected to the Board of Directors of the CGS Action Network and in 2019 to the Board of Directors of the CGS Education Fund.  Donna is currently the Chair of the Board of Directors of the CGS Education Fund.  Donna also serves as an advisor to the Young World Federalists and received their “Young at Heart” award in 2021,whichrecognizesher contribution to the movement for world federation and the young people who champion it and honorsher spirit of mentorship, enthusiasm, and determination.