Evan Freund

Treasurer (USA)

Evan Freund has served as the Executive Director of several health care delivery organizations in poor communities of New York and Chicago, USA.  He has served as consultant to health care delivery systems, to numerous non-profit organizations with the Executive Service Corps of Chicago, and as Director, Treasurer, and Chair of several non-profit boards of directors.  He studied Government at Cornell University, earned a MA degree in Political Science at the University of Minnesota, and an MBA in Hospital Administration at the University of Chicago.  He is a Life Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives.

Evan is a 20 year member of the Rotary Club of Chicago and currently the ClaremontRotary Club in California where he resides.  He has been a member of the World Federalist Association (now called Citizens for Global Solutions Education Fund) since 1995.  He is a Board Member and has served as its Treasurer since 2015. 

Why are you a World Federalist?

I am a world federalist arising from my belief in the fundamental unity of mankind and its capacity to find common cause with justice in the face of tribalism, nationalism, fear of “other” people, and language differences. 

What is the future you are working towards?

I am working for a future world community with representative institutions to resolve differences through accommodation and tolerance and to establish laws through representative government.  Technology can both fortify edifices of hostility for conflict but also can connect across boundaries to unite in political federation, scary as that may be to people.  We must make it less scary.