Keith Best

Joint Chair

Keith Best joined the WFM/IGP Executive Committee in 1989. He was elected as Secretary by the 2018 Congress and currently serves as the Joint & Executive Chair. 

Keith is a barrister and former Member of Parliament. He previously served as the Chair of the International Council of Parliamentarians Global Action, the Chief Executive of Prisoners Abroad, the Immigration Advisory Service, Freedom from Torture, and Survivors UK. Keith currently serves as the Chair of Universal Peace Federation UK, Wyndham Place Charlemagne Trust, Charity 2020 and the Secretary of both the European Movement and Parliamentary Outreach Trust. His thematic human rights expertise is in international and constitutional law, migration, and torture. 

Keith holds a MA from Keble College Oxford, Jurisprudence, Barrister-at-Law from Inner Temple, and a Certificate in Public Management Service.  

Keith is British and is based in London. He speaks English as his native language and has conversational French and Welsh. 

What do you like most about being a member of WFM/IGP’s Board?

“Being part of a Board with such highly committed, knowledgeable and experienced members from many different countries is energizing and exciting as well as exemplifying that we can work cohesively together as an international group.”

Why are you a world federalist?

“I believe that a system of global governance founded in democracy and the rule of law is the only way to preserve peace, promote prosperity and justice and resolve differences between peoples based on subsidiarity.”

What is the future you are working towards?

“A world in which current and future challenges are democratically resolved in an effective and consensual way in which human and cultural rights are respected and there is greater global community cohesion and capacity for full fulfilment of the pursuit of happiness.”