Matteo Tonella

Program Associate (The Hague)

Matteo Tonella joined WFM/IGP in 2018 as a Program Associate, after interning with the organization.

In his previous experiences, Matteo worked with civil society organizations focused on youth and peacebuilding, international criminal justice, and social inclusion, and engaged in voluntary work for refugees in the field. His thematic expertise as a human rights advocate is in international justice, international humanitarian law, and human rights. 

Matteo holds two Master’s degrees in law and international relations, both achieved cum laude.

Matteo is Italian and is based in The Hague. Matteo speaks Italian as his native language, fluent English, intermediate French, and elementary Spanish. 

Why are you a world federalist?

“I am a world federalist because I believe that crimes under international law – war crimes, genocide, and crimes against humanity – represent an offense to the international community as a whole and should be investigated and prosecuted regardless of where they take place.”

What is the future you are working towards?

“A world of justice, where the strong do not prevaricate the weak, and where frank dialogue always prevails over the exercise of strength.”