Nicola Vallinoto

Congress Vice-Chair (Italy)

Nicola Vallinoto joined the WFM/IGP Executive Committee in 2021 and became an active member of the Movimento Federalista Europeo (MFE Italy) in 1988.

He is an international democracy activist and scholar.

Since 2000 he organized seminars and workshops on international democracy issues during several meetings at European and world level (Genoa Social Forum/G8 – Genoa 2001, European Social Forum in Florence 2002, Athens 2004, London 2006, Malmo 2008, Florence 2011, World Social Forum in Porto Alegre 2002, Mumbai 2004 and Nairobi 2007, United Nations’ People Assembly, Perugia 2001/2010). He served the MFE as volunteer in many campaigns and rallies during several European council’s meetings. He promoted and organized the European citizens’ initiative “New Deal 4 Europe” (2014).

He is co-founder of the International Democracy Watch and co-author of “The democratization of international institutions. First international democracy report” (Routledge, 2014). Editor of the illustrated dictionary “L’ABC dell’Europa di Ventotene” (Ultima Spiaggia, 2021) and the Italian/French and Italian/English bilingual editions of the Ventotene Manifesto (Ultima Spiaggia, 2021); co-editor of “Europa 2.0” (Ombre corte, 2010), “Le parole di Porto Alegre” and “Europa anno zero” (Frilli editori, 2002).

Nicola has a master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Genoa (Italy). He had worked as software developer at Liguria Digitale since 2002 and promotes the free software movement.

He lives and works in Genoa with his family. His parents come from Ventotene, the island where Altiero Spinelli and Ernesto Rossi wrote the Manifesto for a free and united Europe.

Why are you a world federalist?

Because world federalism is the way to give back to the people the power to decide how to govern our planet. Today we are facing problems regarding all the world’s citizens: climate change, pandemics, inequalities, poverty, migration and nuclear deterrence are all global issues that need common solutions at world level. Federalism applies the principle of subsidiarity to govern our day-by-day life: functions should be performed by the lowest level of government competent to do so effectively. This means that global issues should be decided by a world institution. Globalization must be democratized otherwise it will destroy democracy. 

What is the future you are working towards?

A future where all citizens of our planet: 

  • have the same rights and duties;   
  • feel at home no matter where they are; 
  • have the same access to common goods. 

A future where peace, environmental and social justice are guaranteed by a World Federation: to this end a Constitution of the Earth should reform the United Nations and establish a World Parliament, a World Government and a World Citizens’ Initiative. 

«The road to pursue is neither easy nor certain. But it must be followed and it will be!» 

(The Ventotene Manifesto, 1941)