Peter Luff

MA, FRGS, FRSA., Member, Congress Chair 

Peter Luff serves as the WFM/IGP Congress Chair, Vice-Chair of the Coalition for an International Environment Court, and a member of the Executive Committee.

Peter previously served as the Director of Action for a Global Climate Community, the Director-General of the Royal Commonwealth Society, the Chair of the European Movement, and the Assistant Director at Amnesty International UK.  

Peter was born in Belgium, raised in the UK and is based in Oxfordshire.  Peter speaks English and French. 

What do you like most about being a member of WFM/IGP’s Board?

“Belonging to the WFM-IGP Board enables me to engage on key issues with fellow federalists from across the world that can help set the agenda for the organization.”

Why are you a world federalist? 

“The World Federalist Movement offers clarity of thought and structure to enable awareness building and campaigning. The future of the planet depends upon some form of effective global governance. The most intellectually coherent would be a federation which would allow for powers to be exercised at different levels, international, national, regional and local.  To achieve this will may regrettably require some international catastrophe to bring the world to its senses. Right now, a combination of pandemics and climate change may be the catalyst.”

What is the future you are working towards? 

“My ambition is to see world federalism become the focus for new generations looking towards a saner future.”