Riccardo Moschetti

Member (Italy)

Riccardo is a young professional living and working in Brussels, Belgium. He is from Vicenza, Italy, a city in between the Dolomites and Venice’s canals, where prosecco is made. His areas of expertise are advocacy and now he works on EU Health policies.

He has a background in EU Affairs, International relations and Global Governance, with a special focus on institution-building, democracy and party politics and electoral processes. Previously, he worked with a Member of the European Parliament and with an Italian NGO member of the Coalition of the International Criminal Court.

Riccardo has been a member of the Young European Federalist (JEF Europe) since 2016, and his first approach to federalism was in the historic section of UEF Turin, Italy. He started as Secretary General of the local section and then in 2018, he was elected Federal Committee member for JEF Europe and chair of the Political Commission on External Affairs and Global Governance.

During the last two years he mostly worked on drafting and adopting resolutions on International relations and EU foreign policy with a particular attention to develop critical thinking that avoids the risk of limiting JEF Europe in its own “Europe-centric” vision.