Tannis J. Williamson

Fundraising Consultant (The Hague)

Tannis has been working for WFM/IGP since November 2019 as the Fundraising Consultant.

Before joining WFM/IGP, Tannis worked with national and international organizations in Luxembourg, Netherlands and the United States. She brings to WFM/IGP over 15 years of fundraising experience assisting NGOs in developing and implementing fundraising, annual giving and, awareness campaigns, as well as, creating initiatives to increase donor engagement and acquisition including grants management. 

Tannis holds a masters degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from the University of Luxembourg, a master’s in Public Administration with a focus on non-profit Management from the Illinois Institute of Technology, and a BA in Criminal Justice from Clark Atlanta University.

Tannis is American and is based between Chicago and The Hague. Tannis speaks English as her native language and elementary French and German.

Why are you a world federalist?

“Every human being has the right to live with dignity and in peace. It is the mission of the world federalists to ensure that when these rights are violated there are avenues for victims to gain redress, and international mechanisms against people with impunity.”

What is the future you are working towards?

“I am working towards building a world that replenishes itself with the help of those who occupy it through a circular economy, so that future generations will have the opportunity to explore its diverse beauty like I have.”

Email: williamson@wfm-igp.org