Vijayam Raghunathan

2nd Congress Vice-Chair (India)

Vijayam Raghunathan – MO South Asian Federalists (SAF)

Graduate in English Literature and Post Graduate in Journalism/PR I have worked for over 30 years in the Corporate space starting with multinationals – Smithkline Beecham (HMM LTD.), Geoffrey Manners Ltd., and then Indian Corporates – Reliance Communications  and HDFC Bank.

I retired from HDFC Bank in 2014 as Asst Vice President & Head of Internal Communications. 

In Reliance Communications I played a key role in conceptualizing and execution of InForm, our weekly online newsletter and a monthly print magazine, Reinforce. Was actively  in CSR initiatives for employee events. 

On a part time basis I have been Producer of News and Special Features in the English News Division of All India Radio and Doordarshan (Television) for over 12 years in Chennai/Mumbai. 

And a Casual English Announcer and Newsreader and also Script writing/ voice-overs for documentaries and commercials. 

My association and experience in World Federalism began in 1975 when I attended the first Congress in India as a youth delegate along with Dr. James Arputharaj and a few others. In 1998, I was part of the team that organised the WFM India Congress in Delhi/Chennai.

In 2004 as member of SAF India, I actively participated in the World Social Forum in Mumbai working with IASNA on the small arms issue. Attended the IANSA conference on small arms in New York City in June 2006; again in October the same year for a follow up meeting.

Initiated efforts for UNPA in Mumbai in 2007 under the guidance of UNPA Founder Andreas Bummel. 

Invited to Sri Lanka twice to be an international observer at their Presidential elections in 1999 & 2005.