To realize our strategic goals in an increasingly unpredictable and challenging geopolitical climate, we plan to strengthen our capacity to achieve change at scale. WFM/IGP will strengthen our research, advocacy and strategic communications capacities with the objective of enhancing our ability to influence decisionmakers and become a more effective and relevant organization.

Atrocity Prevention

The following projects are designed to influence the establishment of conflict and atrocity prevention frameworks with the objective of reducing the incidence of mass atrocities.

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Global Governance

The following projects are designed to strengthen the governance and cooperation frameworks for the United Nations and key inter-governmental organisations.

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International Justice

The following projects are designed to strengthen international criminal justice frameworks with the objective of reducing impunity for atrocity and transnational organised crime.

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Women, Peace & Security

The following projects are designed to strengthen women’s participation and full involvement in all efforts for the promotion and maintenance of peace and security.

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We will also strengthen our management and ability to multiply the impact of the strategic alliances of CSOs that we coordinate, including the Coalition for the International Criminal Court (CICC) and the International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect (ICRtoP): 

  • The Coalition for the International Criminal Court (CICC) is the world’s largest coalition campaigning for a strengthened International Criminal Court (ICC) and ending impunity for atrocity crimes. The CICC is the largest partnership in the world advancing the cause of international justice. Including more than 2,500 civil society organizations from 150 countries, the Coalition is leading the global fight to end genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity through a commitment to the core values of human rights and justice.
  • The International Coalition on the Responsibility to Protect (ICRtoP) is a network campaigning for the adoption and operationalisation of the responsibility to protect principle. ICRtoP is a global network of civil society organizations dedicated to advancing the Responsibility to Protect (RtoP or R2P). ICRtoP is working to increase awareness and understanding of the RtoP norm, strengthen relevant actors’ capacity to prevent and respond to RtoP crimes, and advance the development of the norm to ensure that it is upheld consistently and effectively for future generations.

All projects will be developed using systems thinking and mapping processes to inform problem analyses, the development of smart project goals and realistic Theories of Change. These capacity enhancements will enable us to realize our strategic goals in a cost-effective and impactful manner and to positively influence the global policy agenda.