Registration for WFM/IGP Congress

WFM/IGP Congress

As those who attended the virtual Congress in July (for which the full report will be published here shortly) will know, the matter of the audited accounts (which, as usual each year, will be ready by September) and the elections of the Officers and the Executive Committee were deferred to a resumed Congress on Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 October this year (for which further details will be published soon).  The resumed Congress is open to all eligible participants as either representatives of our MOs/AOs or as observers and not just to those who attended the July Congress.  It will be held again virtually so as to enable as many as possible to participate without fear of pandemic restrictions or the added cost of travel and accommodation.  As it is shorter that the first session we have also reduced the attendance fees.  Our Statutes on this website set out the entitlement of the number of representatives according to the membership of your MO/AO. Please remember that to be eligible at all your MO/AO needs to be fully paid up with its membership fees to WFM/IGP before the Congress.