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WFM/IGP has a long history of leadership and innovation in promoting international democracy, justice and the rule of law. Founded shortly after World War II and the creation of the United Nations (UN) as an international peace movement, WFM/IGP is an international nongovernmental organization (NGO) in consultative status with the UN and other international organizations. With scores of national and associated affiliates, WFM/IGP is a democratically governed, membership-based, non-profit organization, with individual supporters throughout the world. WFM/IGP is a leader in developing strategic worldwide NGO networks on global governance issues.

In many ways, WFM/IGP is contributing to the development of a powerful culture of peace in our world; one based not on war, but on international law, human rights, and justice. WFM/IGP is primarily an international movement of member organizations and these groups are supported by tens of thousands of individual members from almost every nation in the world. We welcome your individual membership in our global efforts to promote the principles of international democracy, federalism, global governance, and human rights.

We have several membership packages outlined below. Please, contact us at if you have any questions or would like more information.

Membership Benefits Package 

The advantages of becoming a member of WFM/IGP include, but are not limited to the following:

  • A link to an active global network of organizations, scholars and activists; 
  • Knowledge-sharing on efforts towards global democracy, human rights, sustainable development, peace and conflict resolution around the world, including newsletters, action updates, and other informational mailings;
  • The opportunity to work with key leaders and organizations within WFM/IGP on joint projects; and 
  • Invitations to WFM/IGP events including bi-annual Congress meetings.

Member Organizations (MOs) have a primary focus of supporting world federalism and spreading its ideas. MOs work closely with WFM/IGP on projects and programs. Associated Organizations (AOs) are those with a primary mandate different from WFM/IGP’s but that are in general sympathy with the idea of world federalism and wish to work in close cooperation with the Movement. The majority of organizations become an AO for a period of time before transitioning into becoming an MO.

Membership Dues

By-Laws setting membership dues are as follows:

  • The annual membership fee for Member Organizations (MOs) shall be the equivalent of $5.00/€5.00 per individual full member of the MO and the equivalent of $2.00/€2.00 per individual senior citizen and student member. The minimum fee for all MOs shall be the equivalent of $150.00/€150.00.
  • Every Associated Organization (AO) pays $75.00/€75.00 in membership dues annually.
  • The individual member of the International Member Organization (IMO) fee is $10/€10 per annum.

WFM Statutes require that a Member Organization (MO) shall:

  1. be established with a primary purpose similar to that of the World Federalist Movement; and
  2. be open for individual members in their area or sector of operation, with a minimum of 20 paid-up members,
  3. have a significant capacity to contribute to the enhancement of public and political support for the aims of WFM and the World Federalist Movement itself,
  4. be committed to and shall practice democratic internal organization,
  5. be organized and administered in accordance with the legislation of their respective countries,
  6. have the disposition of the part of their membership dues which is not due to WFM, and
  7. forward to the Secretariat an annual statement of paid-up members organized in that Member Organization.

WFM Statutes require that an Associated Organization (AO) shall:

  1. be established with a primary purpose other than those of WFM, but be in general sympathy with the idea of world federalism; or
  2. not be open for personal members in their area or sector of operation; or
  3. be a new organization that shall be considered as future Member Organization; or
  4. not request full membership as Member Organizations, but still
  5. have some capacity to contribute to the enhancement for the public and political support for the aims of WFM.

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WFM/IGP has Member Organizations (MOs) around the world that are dedicated to spreading the ideas of World Federalism. Currently, our MOs are working on diverse issues such as raising support for the International Criminal Court, strengthening the European Constitution, creating a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly, and reducing small arms trafficking.

In addition to the WFM/IGP Member Organizations and Associated Organizations listed here, WFM/IGP’s programs CICC and ICRtoP also have thousands of members around the world. For more information, on their members, please visit their respective websites.

Member Organizations

Associated Organizations

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