Individual Members of the International Member Organisation (IMO)

Individual Membership

The purpose of the IMO-WFM is to provide an enhanced opportunity for governance representation for individual supporters of the WFM and world federalism who prefer to join the Individual Members Organization or who reside in countries where no Member or Associated Organization exists or for various reasons where Member and Associate organizations have not been or cannot be established.

The aims of the IMO-WFM shall be the same as and limited to those described in the Preamble and Statutes of the WFM/IGP. Except as otherwise stated in these Statutes the IMO is subject to the same requirements, rules and procedures as are established in the main Statutes of WFM-IGP for all MOs

WFM/IGP has Member Organizations (MOs) around the world that are dedicated to spreading the ideas of World Federalism. Currently, our MOs are working on diverse issues such as raising support for the International Criminal Court, strengthening the European Constitution, creating a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly, and reducing small arms trafficking.

In addition to the WFM/IGP Member Organizations and Associated Organizations listed here, WFM/IGP’s programs CICC and ICRtoP also have thousands of members around the world. For more information, on their members, please visit their respective websites.

International Member Organization