Individual Members of the International Member Organisation (IMO)

Individual Membership

The purpose of the IMO-WFM is to provide an enhanced opportunity for governance representation for individual supporters of the WFM and world federalism who prefer to join the Individual Members Organization or who reside in countries where no Member or Associated Organization exists or for various reasons where Member and Associate organizations have not been or cannot be established.

The aims of the IMO-WFM shall be the same as and limited to those described in the Preamble and Statutes of the WFM/IGP. Except as otherwise stated in these Statutes the IMO is subject to the same requirements, rules and procedures as are established in the main Statutes of WFM-IGP for all MOs

Membership payment options

International Member Organization

Join the Spartans! 

This is a way in which you can make a key contribution towards the future of WFM/IGP. Our Spartans are a limited number of 300 donors (whose names will appear on our website) who are prepared to pledge $1,000/1,000EUROS/AUD1,000/CAD1,000 a year to provide that core funding to enable us to have key staff and facilities such as maintaining our website etc.  We should very much like you to be in this company as showing solidarity with our cause for a better governed world. If you are a US or Netherlands taxpayer then, of course, your donation is tax deductible.  As a Spartan you will automatically become an individual member of the International Member Organization (IMO) and be given priority information on webinars and events held by WFM/IGP as well as having the Congress registration fee waived for your full participation (thereby saving the usual costs of these). 

Founder Spartans

  • Keith Best  
  • Prof Rev Dr Jim Christie  
  • Tadashi Inuzuka 
  • Peter Luff 
  • Ton Macel 
  • Bente Nielsen 
  • Janice White 
  • Chris Hamer
  • Radhiga Dey
  • Sarah Brenan
  • Alastair Hamer
  • Margret Zwiebel