The Global Scales: WFM/IGP Policy Blog

Welcome to the policy blog for the World Federalist Movement / Institute for Global Policy. This blog is an online forum for rigorous international policy analysis and debate focused on global governance, international justice, and conflict prevention, on a basis of equal rights for all people. We promote collaboration, coordination and consensus-building among civil society in order to offer policy and legal solutions for global leaders, rooted in the dignity and demands of engaged citizens of the world. Our Movement includes civil society leaders focused on law, policy, human rights, and humanitarian crises, and it spans from Europe and the Americas to Africa, Asia, and everywhere in between.

The views expressed on this site are attributable to their individual authors writing in their personal capacity and do not seek to represent the views of the World Federalist Movement as a whole. WFM/IGP believes that by publishing a diverse range of views, the global conversation is enriched and the goals of World Federalism are advanced: namely, a democratic world government based on active contributions from civil society. If you would like to join our Movement for better global governance and human rights, we invite you to contribute.