Membership Benefits

The advantages of becoming a member of WFM/IGP include:

  • A link to an active global network of organizations, scholars and activists; 
  • Knowledge-sharing on efforts towards global democracy, human rights, sustainable development, peace and conflict resolution around the world, including newsletters, action updates, and other informational mailings;
  • The opportunity to work with key leaders and organizations within WFM/IGP on joint projects; and 
  • Invitations to WFM/IGP events including bi-annual Congress meetings.
  • The opportunity to access accreditation to various international meetings
  • Educational and capacity building webinars facilitated by experts from various disciplines. 
  • Access to various publications from our member organizations

Member Organizations (MOs) have a primary focus of supporting world federalism and spreading its ideas. MOs work closely with WFM/IGP on projects and programs. Associated Organizations (AOs) are those with a primary mandate different from WFM/IGP’s but that are in general sympathy with the idea of world federalism and wish to work in close cooperation with the Movement. The majority of organizations become an AO for a period of time before transitioning into becoming an MO.