Transnational Working Groups

Transnational Working Groups (TWGs) are open to all members, whether individuals or members of a Member/Associated Organization. As they meet electronically, the physical location of the members is not critical to participation. They are based on different themes and subjects and engage in in-depth analysis of the subject with a view to policy formulation. If you have a particular interest or expertise you will be welcomed and if you feel that a new one should exist, then you are able to make this suggestion to the Executive Committee.

Artificial Intelligence

The Transnational Working Group on Artificial Intelligence and Disruptive Technologies (TWG on AI) brings together experts on global governance and artificial intelligence from around the world, including Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, to discuss effective global governance of AI and other disruptive digital technologies, capable of managing both the risks and opportunities associated with these technologies.

Africa-Europe relations

The Transnational Working Group on Africa-Europe relations was launched in April 2022. The group has four thematic workstreams, and it is open for proposals for new workstreams.

The working group is an arena for organising events, drafting policy documents, planning public campaigns and creating other resources.

You can join the group by contacting the contact points of the workstreams:

  • Conflict prevention: Domenico Moro (morodome (at)
  • Youth mobility & democratic participation: Juuso Järviniemi (juuso.jarviniemi (at)
  • Safe drinking water & sanitation: Dafni Gogou (dafni.gogou (at) 
  • Sustainable growth & green transition: Kennedy Karanja (kennedyranja (at)

Coalition for a World Security Community

The Coalition for a World Security Community (CWSC) is a Transnational Working Group of the WFM-IGP in the field of Peace & Security. We propose the formation of a World Security Community (WSC) with a global mission, first to guarantee the security and freedom of all its members, and then to act as their peacebuilding and peacekeeping arm in the wider world, under the aegis of the UN. We aim to follow the strategy pioneered in Europe in forming the European Union: start with a smaller group of members (the democracies), and build up in stages towards an eventual democratic world federation.

You can join the group by contacting Luiz Bispo via