James Arputharaj Williams

Member since 1973 WFM Congress held in Delhi. Served on the Intl EC of WFM between 1995 and 2018 and President of South Asian Federalists. Was a NGO speaker at the I UN conference on small arms and light weapon held at UN, NY in 2001, travelled to 54 countries and written/edited dozen books. Worked and lived in mostly Conflict and post conflict countries and served as International ED with South Asia Partnership International(Canada), Country Director /CEO for 16 years with leading INGOs like Action Aid( France), Lutheran World Relief(USA), Oxfam Novib (The Netherlands), The Johanniter (Germany), INTERSOS(Italy) Chief of Party, USAID/Mennonite Economic Development Associates(Canada) & Advocacy Director, World Vision International until 2022 providing leadership at national, regional and international levels. Currently international development consultant.

PhD degree in Social Policy, Diploma in International relations (Stockholm) and hails from Chennai (Madras), India. Committed to Peace, Justice and controls arms issues. Skilled in promoting institutional stability both in terms of diversifying resources, introducing systems, procedures and promoting innovative programs. Coming from organizational development background, Dr. James offers insights into risk management strategies and provide long term planning.

I am a World Federalist since 1973 because I think only World Federal Government with elected Parliament at the United Nations could effectively solve global problems like degradation of environment, end wars, control of outer space and cyber world.