Sustainable Security without Nuclear Weapons

WFM works to prevent nuclear war and achieve a sustainable and secure nuclear-weapon-free world by; a) advancing common security alternatives to the current reliance on nuclear deterrence, b) promoting UN initiatives for multilateral nuclear disarmament, and c) campaigning for nuclear weapons divestment and budget cuts – and a shift of these to instead support peace and sustainable development. 

Coalition 3+3 

Facilitating nuclear disarmament in North-East Asia through a regional nuclear-weapon-free zone

WFM has established Coalition 3+3 to advance a North-East Asian Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone as a common security framework to lower the risk of nuclear war and achieve regional nuclear disarmament. The 3+3 model would include commitments by Japan, South Korea and North Korea to relinquish nuclear weapons and nuclear deterrence policies in return for legally binding assurances from China, Russia and the USA not to threaten or use nuclear weapons against them. The Coalition 3+3 Executive Team and Advisors includes parliamentarians, former government officials, policy experts and civil society leaders from the six countries plus some international nuclear-weapon-free zone experts. 


Advancing United Nations initiatives and common security approaches for preventing nuclear war and achieving the global abolition of nuclear weapons.

WFM and seven other international NGOs established UNFOLD ZERO as a platform for promoting United Nations initiatives and forums for nuclear risk reduction and disarmament. The platform also advances common security as the most effective alternative to nuclear deterrence for meeting States’ international security needs. UNFOLD ZERO focuses on nuclear disarmament initiatives and processes in the UN General Assembly, Human Rights Council, Security Council, International Court of Justice, UN Secretariat (including initiatives of the UN Secretary-General) and implementation of multilateral nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament treaties which are hosted by the United Nations. UNFOLD ZERO hosts the Common Security Depot, a resource on common security mechanisms, reports, events and perspectives. 

Move the Nuclear Weapons Money

Shifting nuclear weapons budgets and investments to instead support peace, climate protection and achievement of the sustainable development goals.

WFM established the Move the Nuclear Weapons Money project with seven other NGOs (Abolition 2000, Basel Peace Office, Global Security Institute, International Peace Bureau, PNND, World Future Council and Youth Fusion) in order to address the power of the nuclear weapons industry and shift nuclear weapons spending to better things. Over $100 billion of tax-payers’ money is spent annually on nuclear weapons, most of it going to 27 key nuclear weapons manufacturing corporations, who promote international distrust and lobby for more money for nuclear weapons. Move the Nuclear Weapons Money works with parliamentarians to cut nuclear weapons budgets and with investors (pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, university endowment funds, city funds, banks and private investors) to cut all investments in the nuclear weapons industry and shift these to ethical or impact investments.