Values, faith-based perspectives and global governance

A WFM-IGP trans-national working group, which is currently being established, to focus on the connections between the ideas/objectives of global governance and the principles of religious, faith-based and values-based perspectives.

At least 85% of the world’s population subscribe to some form of religious, faith or values-based belief system. Ideas of global governance, international law and world federalism can find fertile ground amongst people with such belief systems if the connections between their values/beliefs and world federalist principles are made more obvious.

World Federalism is closely connected, for example, to religious principles of justice, fairness, reciprocity, guardianship/stewardship, protection of creation (the world), common humanity, social responsibility, human dignity and respect.

The working group is being established to:

  • Clarify and further develop the connections between values/faith-based principles and the ideas of global governance, international law and world federalism;
  • Produce educational materials on these connections to use as outreach to values, religious and faith-based individuals, communities and organizations;
  • Organize events and actions (e.g. statements/appeals) on WFM projects with a focus on the connections of these projects with values, religious and faith-based principles;
  • Encourage values, religious and faith-based individuals and organizations to join WFM-IGP.

The working group is open to individuals and faith-based organizations to join. Click here to apply.

For more information contact Bruce Knotts, Interim Chair of the Working Group or Alyn Ware, WFM-IGP Program Director.